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i'm almost 50% sure nothing could go wrong
22. female. absolute asshole. canadian. française. I love hockey, I play at art, I try to write, and some days I think I'm funny. I'm Stephanie Brown, and this is my Robin. Slytherin. Cabin Seven. District Four. Targaryen. Survey Corps. Batkid by night, guest member of The Team by day, and full-time honorary X-Kid. Marvel Comics devotee, Pokemon Trainer, avid video gamer, and Achievement Hunter.

previously valarmorghoulis.
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a mix for your favorite 
 with wings      

i. call them brothers - regina spektor. ii. everybody wants to rule
the world
- lorde. iii. pumped up kicks ( cover )  - jayme dee. iv. safe &
- taylor swift. v. wild horses - the rolling stones. vi. broken crown
- mumford & sons. vii. this is gospel - panic! at the disco. viii. gives you
- all american rejects. ix.seventeen - heathers the musical. x.kill of
the night
- gin wigmore. xi. immigrant song - led zeppelin. xii. lonely
- the black keys. xiii. of the night - bastille. xiv. the scientist -
coldplay. xv. babel - mumford & sons. xvi. heroes - david bowie. 
-  art credit ! 

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but what about an Amerikate 1920s bonnie and clyde/ thelma and louise/ crime au though

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The  t r o u b l e s,  they just come.
You  c a n ’ t   c o n t r o l  them.
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A weak man knows the value of strength, the value of power.

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I like the designs in Hyrule Warriors but the disguise is becoming less convincing for each game.

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"Final Fantasy XIII-2 Characters"
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Final Fantasy Series 25th Anniversary → Lightning Farron Appreciation Post

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