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i'm almost 50% sure nothing could go wrong
22. female. absolute asshole. canadian. française. I love hockey, I play at art, I try to write, and some days I think I'm funny. I'm Stephanie Brown, and this is my Robin. Slytherin. Cabin Seven. District Four. Targaryen. Survey Corps. Batkid by night, guest member of The Team by day, and full-time honorary X-Kid. Marvel Comics devotee, Pokemon Trainer, avid video gamer, and Achievement Hunter.

previously valarmorghoulis.
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He just wanted me to be happy. He wanted all of us to be happy.

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ive never drawn meg so sorry if she looks weird 

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Snapchats from Yang

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yoo okay heres two more sketches of these adorable punks

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/quietly updates ship page now that rwby vol 2 has been released to the public and cackles

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ireneadlars asked: natalie dormer or taylor swift

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Happy 27th Birthday, Michael Vincent Jones!! 

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I’m on fire, I’m on fire

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