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i'm almost 50% sure nothing could go wrong
22. female. absolute asshole. canadian. française. I love hockey, I play at art, I try to write, and some days I think I'm funny. I'm Stephanie Brown, and this is my Robin. Slytherin. Cabin Seven. District Four. Targaryen. Survey Corps. Batkid by night, guest member of The Team by day, and full-time honorary X-Kid. Marvel Comics devotee, Pokemon Trainer, avid video gamer, and Achievement Hunter.

previously valarmorghoulis.

DC | Take It All Away | Part IV

Title: Part IV - indelible
Characters/Pairings: Stephanie/Damian, mentions/cameos of others
Summary: It was a mistake—this thing they were doing. It was dangerous and stupid, and they both knew that. But it wasn’t something you could walk away from without consequences, without broken hearts and promises. Without someone vowing to do anything they could to make the pain go away—even if it meant losing everything. 
Rating: M (for blood, violence and character death)
Word Count: 9400+/30600+
Author’s Note: wow I’m awful. did you know I started this well over a year ago? longer than that, really. and it’s been nearly complete for so long, I’m downright ashamed it’s taken me this long to give you the final piece. but here it is, product of my love and time and tears. It is recommended to read the previous parts to understand what’s going on. I’m going to crawl into a hole and die now kthx. dedicated to my little gremlin, who has never stopped believing in me and in this monster of a fic. ao3.


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#dc#stephanie brown#damian wayne#robin the cradle#eliewrites#fic: take it all away#otp: you performed better than expected#jesus fuck i hope this turned out alright#it's kind of my baby and i've neglected it so long#i almost feel like the ending won't do the story as a whole justice
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comic book meme → [1/5] favourite male characters

↳ Damian Wayne / Robin V

"Being Robin is the best thing I’ve ever done, Mother. And even if my father does return, this is the life I’ve chosen to lead. I don’t need you to save me."

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